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In the past twelve months, the world has undergone a series of profound shifts.

With the rise of flexible working, where, when, and how we work has fundamentally changed. Now, however, with the prospect of a phased return to the office ahead, questions abound for clients, candidates, and employees alike. 

In order to provide employers with as much actionable insight as possible, Joss Search has commissioned a research study to better understand the nuances and intricacies of flexible working.

We hope these findings will provide insight into current market dynamics, reveal what employees really think, and empower organisations to make the best possible decisions for their teams.

Back To Office

Our research has revealed that:

  1.  A resounding 89% of employees say flexible working is important to them
  2. More than half of all respondents (60%) say not having flexible working would be a deal-breaker in  their next role
  3. Encouragingly, 83% of businesses have or are considering permanently amending their flexible working policy
  4. 76% of respondents believe they are more productive when working from home (WFH)
  5. WFH requires important health and well-being considerations
  6. Respondents are excited to be reunited with colleagues, but nearly half (47%) are concerned about their commute

As a recruitment agency, our job is to match top talent with the best employers. Therefore, our recommendation is that employers strongly consider adopting a more flexible approach to the future of work. Our view is that a flexible workplace will give employers the best possible chance to attract and retain top talent –  in the short, mid, and long term.

We hope you find these insights useful!

You can download the report here: https://info.josssearch.com/back-to-office