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A resounding 89% of employees say flexible working is important to them 

The findings paint a compelling picture, with more than half of all respondents (60%) say not having flexible working would be a deal-breaker in their next role. Clearly, to attract and retain top talent, organisations will need to make flexibility a key business objective.

As a recruitment agency, our job is to match top talent with the best employers. Therefore, our recommendation is that employers strongly consider adopting a more flexible approach to the future of work. Our view is that a flexible workplace will give employers the best possible chance to attract and retain top talent – in the short, mid, and long-term.

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6 things you need to know: 

  1. There's no one set answer to flexible working, every business will have different needs and challenges
  2. Businesses must take employees’ emotional needs into account, considering their purpose, meaning, and status
  3. Communication is key, collaborate with your teams and share progress on policies
  4. Productivity is hard to manage, communication is easier to track and prioritise
  5. It’s important to facilitate connections between employees, create opportunities for people to spend time together, and ensure people don’t feel excluded
  6. The impacts on mental health are of huge significance, this needs to be recognised and understood by management

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