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A VA offers a whole host of resources to the clients they work with. They bring with them knowledge and expertise that many of their clients may not have been exposed to. By listening and trusting their VAs, these clients are opening the doors to allow their business to grow and develop on a level they didn't know was possible.


A VA is there to not only offer a helping hand, but can also be an ideas person. More often than not, a VA will have worked with numerous clients who are likely to be from different industries. They've seen what ideas and decisions help a business thrive and those that don't. They understand the value of thinking outside the box when it comes to growing businesses. It's important to utilise your VA when it comes to big ideas and problem solving, as you never know what amazing insights they can bring.


When it comes down to the bigger picture, this is what a VA specialises in. They look at what's going on with their client holistically. Figuring out where they can best help them, in order to allow the client to work as productively and efficiently as possible. This is also where they can help to find the spaces for growth. By looking at their client’s business as a whole, a VA can determine the best route to take week by week. They get it if you've had a bad week, for example, therefore they'll read into your diary ahead and make sure that the most business critical tasks are prioritised. Allowing their client to focus on the core goals rather than being bogged down like they did previously.


They'll offer help with research into new businesses, products, new software's - sourcing hidden gems along the way. Not only that, a VA can be the exact person to choose when searching for your own human soundboard. They're likely to provide a different perspective and can often come up with ideas that you haven’t thought of. By forming this type of relationship with your VA, you yourself are creating these spaces for your VA. Allowing them to take on more responsibility to help grow the business and meet your own needs.


All VAs will have their own niche. These are the areas they excel at and have excelled at with previous clients. Find out what this is. With this unlocked superpower a VA will help with the growth of your business in ways you didn't expect. It's about building from strength to strength with a VA - who knows what possibilities they can offer their clients!


By opening up your business to your VA, not only are they getting an advantageous and unique insight into the business, but they're able to carve out these spaces for their clients. They can make a positive impact from day one. They allow you to keep all those plates spinning, whilst also adding additional plates to the gaps without causing a crash.