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2020 was a year for big events: Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the release of the iPhone 12, a whole year of astrological events. Yet not many people predicted what has actually happened!


Covid-19 has hit the world hard. However, it has also carved a path for a new way of living in our modern day society. In particular, it has required near enough whole populations to work remotely, from the comfort of their own homes.


Remote working is making people rethink. Rethinking new working possibilities, which half a year ago no one would've considered. But where, you might be thinking, does a virtual assistant fall into all of this? First let us introduce you to a VA.


What does a VA look like?:

'The beauty of a VA is that they can ‘look like’ anything you want them to!' Sivan Joss 


Sivan also highlights the multitude of talents a VA can offer, 'they can be a virtual version of your current assistant or they can be an interim project manager, HR manager, marketing specialist or provide finance support. They’re very versatile and normally come with a really visible superpower depending on their background.'


Last year, Forbes magazine reported that around 91% of individuals felt more productive working from home than when they were physically in their offices. And the same survey found that remote workers were more effective with their workloads, working with greater efficiency! Our VAs are completely set up to provide seamless digital support from their own homes, working alongside you to support in any capacity you need.


Why a VA is right for you:

Everyone is guilty of biting off more than they can chew from time to time. Well now is a time to stop that. Human brains are proven to only be able to focus on 4 things at once, and I'm sure we can all agree, when work is involved there are more than 4 things on your plate.  


By using a VA you can delegate lower value tasks (or things you simple don’t enjoy!) and focus on activities that add the highest value to your professional and personal life (aka things you enjoy and that enrich your life, whether that be starting a new business or spending more time with the kids!) . The great news is that by delegating these lower value activities to a VA you’ll be giving them to someone who is capable, experienced and will relish the opportunity to help out. A VA can sit outside or inside your organisation and can be as visible or invisible as you want. They can be utilised for personal work alongside their corporate work. The beauty is, they're super flexible and often incredibly talented in multiple areas.


And the easiest part in all of this? You don't have to spend hours on top of your busy schedule searching for a suitable VA. We do that for you - and fast! Joss Search are passionate about VAs and we ensure we only work with the very best candidates – representing only the top 7% of the VAs in the market. We hold multiple rounds of interviews and conduct 5 years’ worth of reference checks, to ensure integrity and compliance.  


Ultimately a VAs job is to help you accomplish more, juggle less and the right one can transform your life.