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Holidays are a waste of time and employees don't need them...

Holidays are a waste of time and employees don’t need them.

That’s what old school bosses with the Industrial Revolution mentality would have you believe.

In the UK, those days are thankfully long gone - we’re in the information age where people are able to be more autonomous than ever before and, in many case, working harder and longer hours.

That’s why, at Joss Search, we have flexible working. You can work whenever and from wherever – it’s not revolutionary, just a matter of trust and treating people like adults. We measure performance based on results, not the amount of ‘face time’ hours spent in the office. We also actively encourage people to take time out and enjoy regular holidays. After the last few months where we launched a rebrand and made some huge changes to the business, I myself certainly felt burnt out and in need of a break and a fresh perspective. Aside from that, I love going on holiday and I don’t feel guilty for saying it. Health and wellbeing are buzzwords at the moment but they are fundamental to high performing teams. The happier people feel in their lives, the better they perform and the more enjoyable they are to work with!

I’m always going to stand up for Personal Assistants as I believe they're the hidden heroes of business. They work really really hard and often long, unsociable hours and need regular time out. It’s therefore vital that bosses allow their Personal Assistants proper breaks, ideally unplugging and taking emails off their phones. A few weeks of inconvenience for a significantly more productive employee for the remaining year is surely a good return on investment? However, if necessary, it’s the responsibility of the Personal Assistants to fight for this. Perhaps consider bringing this up at your next review and having an open and frank conversation with your manager. If you frame it in terms of what additional value you will deliver for him/her/the business, you’re more likely get the result you desire.

It’s time for people to stop feeling guilty for taking a break. Book a holiday. Relax. Enjoy it. It’ll be well worth it.

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