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When it comes to tackling critical projects in your business what do you look for in your team? Is it better to have someone with a super high IQ who is extremely knowledgeable in a specific area? Or would it be better to find a person who is more well-rounded, in both practical and communication skills?

Why EQ?

Team leaders, managers and entrepreneurs are left figuring out this dilemma on numerous occasions. However, a recent study by Harvard University has shown that groups containing members with higher EQ (emotional intelligence) rather than IQ, outperformed the IQ members. Why does this relate to the performance of a VA? VAs are known for having exceptionally high EQ, they use it on a daily basis when working with their clients and this is the way they connect with the team and become an integral part of the business.

The researchers found that those with higher EQ were far better at keeping their teams on task and working efficiently. They were also proven to motivate their team members to work more diligently when they're completing individual work.

A VA will be the most efficient and effective support system because of their emotional skills. They work efficiently but they also truly understand their work, leading to an increase on your ROI and also offer more qualitative advice rather than just quantitative data.

How does a VA use their EQ?

A VA is able to use their EQ to work efficiently, communicatively and overall, productively. They're attuned to those around them and find the best possible solutions to any task. They don’t focus on their own individual contributions, but rather, the contributions of the wider team. They recognise the importance of this because of their EQ.

A VA is there to assist you in both a business and emotional manner. They can help build a business by understanding the bigger picture, rather than focusing on a particular subject or field. They help to find the spaces that make their client’s business grow and utilise their expertise to market creative solutions. They're hidden champions and thanks to reputable studies, like those completed by Harvard, championing a VA is one of the most valuable moves a business can make. 

It's simple. EQ needs to be a priority. There is a huge amount of importance on emotional intelligence, social skills and awareness when it comes to supporting a business. A VA will not only offer a wide variety of skills and problem-solving, but they will offer the right amount of emotional support and anticipate your needs before you say them out loud.