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Aleksandra recently used SecsintheCity and specialist recruitment consultancy Joss Search to land herself a new job. We got in touch with Aleksandra to ask about her experience using our platforms and what it has been like to start a new job during a pandemic. Here’s what she had to say.

What platforms did you use to find your new role?

“I have used SecsintheCity and Reed to browse through opportunities. In fact, SecsintheCity was the platform that connected me with Joss Search when I first started looking for the job.”

How was your experience using SecsintheCity to search and apply for jobs?

“I truly enjoyed the experience as once you have your profile built on the website, the application process can be done in a few clicks. It was also very helpful to receive their tailored email alerts which allowed me to apply for the job as soon as it went live.”

What was your experience working with Joss Search?

“I was very lucky to have had Joss helping me to find my perfect job twice in the past few years. On both occasions, I mainly dealt with the lovely Amy, but I have also come across the wider team while exploring the various opportunities they have. The first time working with Joss, I was positively surprised how welcome and supported they made me feel and how much of a positive energy and mindset I received from them. I knew that I was in safe hands and I was so right. This was the first and only agency I have registered with since I began my job search, and from seeing how much time and effort they have put to understand my expectations, I knew they would have me placed and happy in a new position rapidly. They have been very communicative and open during the whole process and made it stress free.

When I decided to make the next move in my career, I instantly knew that it would be Joss Search who would help me find the next perfect role and I was very right. With the market being slower during the pandemic, I was concerned about the opportunities being limited. However, shortly after connecting with Joss again I had various opportunities sent my way. A week later I was offered the job where I am currently employed, and I feel as happy as ever.”


What was it like to be interviewed remotely for your new role?

“I have to admit that interviewing from the comfort of my own home made me feel more relaxed and calmer and therefore I was able to present the real me instead of a little nervous me. To interview online made it seem more like a friendly chat or conversation instead of the traditional formal setting. Although there are some limitations like not being able to explore your future office, I felt like the overall process was pleasant and stress-free.”

What was it like to be onboarded virtually?

“It is very strange to think that there are still some people in my team and firm who I have never met in person, but I feel like I have known them forever. I was very lucky to be in the office for three days before the lockdown started but already at that time, most of my induction meetings were completed virtually. I think working online prompted a lot of people to connect more often and have actual 1-1 meetings and conversations rather than the usual ‘hello’ when meeting in the lift or by the coffee machine. I was lucky to have a very inclusive team and colleagues who made sure I felt part of the family from day one.”

Having started a new role during the pandemic, what advice or reassurance would you give to jobseekers who might be anxious about starting a new role remotely?

“Be outspoken, connect and don’t be afraid to reach out to everyone. The more you ask then the more you get and don’t forget, there are no silly questions so don’t be afraid to ask! I believe that even though there is a lot less physical interaction while working remotely, the world has started to adapt to this new normal and so have our roles.”

A big thanks to Secs in the City and Aleksandra!

You can check out our live roles here: https://www.secsinthecity.co.uk/minisites/joss-search-and-selection/