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How to keep team culture alive and adaptable in a virtual world

The current pandemic has seen many companies shift and adapt how they promote company culture in a largely virtual world. HR personnel have had to rack their brains to find new ways of sustaining culture that is so integral when it comes to staff wellbeing and retention.

We all saw the Summer months as a form of rest-bite from the full lockdown rules we endured during the Spring, but a resurge in cases means that companies are having to go back to the drawing board for round two. But, it's important that companies exercise their cultural adaptability once more to help people stay focused on the initiatives even as we contend with unprecedented challenges and continuously changing conditions.

Here are a few ideas that can be applied to make sure your company culture becomes or remains adaptable…

1. Articulate your companies values, validate your mission and reinforce your culture

2. Stay true to your culture and avoid letting the pandemic affect what you value. If teamwork and humility are priorities, make sure you're including the whole team in your decision making, even if top-down decisions are crucial to the business needs right now

3. Recognise and reward employees who act in a way you desire. Make sure people are held accountable for behaviours that align with your culture

4. Stay in touch and attuned to your employees. Make sure you focus on individual needs, whilst proactively addressing their concerns

5. Choose and develop strong, internal leaders by providing education and coaching. These are your company champions who will show support and empathy to their wider colleagues and community, whilst promoting core values

6. Encourage strong relationships between your employees. Think about internal mentoring or set groups who come together on a weekly basis to discuss how they're getting on. The stronger the team, the stronger the culture

7. Communicate regularly and as openly as possible. This will help guide decisions and actions quicker, whilst keeping everyone included

8. Demonstrate your culture not just inside, but also outside your company. How we interact and contribute to our community is equally as important as the way we treat our colleagues

Culture has always been a key differentiator for most companies. However, the need to maintain and uphold culture is especially critical right now. Culture gives employees value, purpose and drive. Make sure yourself and your company use this time to strengthen your culture, which will make sure you come out the other side of the pandemic even stronger than before.