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National Career Development Month - how to tune into your career goals!

While every day presents itself with new opportunities to make the most of our career, November presents a special opportunity. This November, North America celebrates National Career Development Month and there's no reason why, over the pond, we shouldn't adopt it too!

Taking time away from your desk can be challenging, but taking ownership of your own career involves investing in yourself and your own development. It's important to recognise that commitment towards personal development is necessary for success!

Here’s a few tips for what you can do to help kickstart your professional and personal development…

  1. Meet with your manager and discuss your career plans. Don’t expect your manager to know your dreams and goals. Your manager is there to help facilitate the process, but it’s up to you to express your interests and make things happen. Create professionally driven goals for yourself over the next year. This will help you stay in touch with yourself, and keep yourself committed to your professional wants and needs.
  2. Think about one new skill you’ve been meaning to develop. Commit to working on this skill for a couple of hours a week. Download a podcast, an app, read a book or find a webinar in order to help guide your learning. There is no shortage of free information out there!
  3. Update your CV and LinkedIn profile. Your CV and LinkedIn are dynamic pieces of work that should be updated every month. Don’t wait until you’re looking for a job to start working on your CV, rather make it a continuous practice and always make sure your CV reflects your current portfolio.
  4. Attend an industry networking event (virtually). If networking is not something that comes naturally to you, take advantage of these pre-organised events, and meet like-minded individuals. This is a great way for you to make new connections to gain inspiration and knowledge. This is an important part of building your relationships at work, and getting on people’s radars for new opportunities.
  5. Get in touch with former colleagues, school friends or university lecturers. Keeping in touch with your network is an important part of building your career. This should not be something you’re only doing once you’re looking for a job. Rather, staying in touch should be an active practice. So take the time to keep in touch and maintain relationships with the professionals you meet along your journey.

The secret to success is investment. Devoting time to your professional and personal development is the key to reaching your goals. Use November to tune into your career goals!