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New Year, New Career 

After the year we've all had, it comes as no surprise that 2021 is the year we all want to reinvent ourselves. Whether that's in our lifestyle choices, relationships or employment, we can all agree we want to make the most of the year to come.

If you're thinking about a career change or how to improve your current career prospects, below are a few things you may want to consider…

1. Upskill yourself

Aside from unprecedented, upskilling has been another key buzz word of 2020. Many support staff found that the pandemic shifted their workload and the priorities that came with it. The more proactive and driven individuals haven't sat back and waited for the work to come to them, instead they've looked into areas where they can upskill themselves. By doing so, they've boosted not only their knowledge in a new area, but also made themselves more attractive for internal promotions or new job prospects.

2. Don't let 2020 control your decision making

After last year, it's important to really think whether 2020 has dictated how you're viewing your career choices. If the pandemic hadn't occurred would you still be looking for a new job? it's important to re-evaluate what you currently have. If you know that you're ready to move on and try something new, then really focus on that.  Weigh up the pros and cons and then you can make a logical decision.

3. Are there more opportunities within your current employer?

As recruiters we can honestly say that the current job market isn't easy right now. Not only is it extremely competitive, but also proving sporadic in the number of companies actively hiring. Therefore, it may prove more beneficial to search your current employer's job database. See what other opportunities may be arising. Speak with your Manager, frankly and discuss where you’d like your role to go. You'll never know unless you ask!

4. Time to update your CV

With any extra time you find yourself having, why not use it to update your CV? The likelihood is that it hasn't been updated since your graduate role in 2007. But, your CV is still the first thing a potential employer sees. Making sure it is updated and as accurate as possible is crucial. Rather than repetition occurring when describing each role, add in your achievements and what you're most proud of. You're more likely to be picked up on merit rather than how many bullet points contain 'proficient in Microsoft office'.

5. Refresh your WFH environment 

After the national lockdown announcement, we know that we'll be working from home for the foreseeable future. Why not refresh your personal office? By simply rearranging the room your work in, or moving your desk to an alternative window can make a big difference to your working environment. You'll find this new change of scenery not just enjoyable, but most likely increase your productivity too!

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