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The value add equation of a Virtual Assistant

What's the one thing you wish you had more of in your work and personal life (I promise this...

Virtual onboarding

Onboarding requires a good deal of effort at the best of times, and even more so when new...

AI Assistants

AI systems are developing very quickly.

It’s safe to assume that in the not-too-distant future,...

Virtual Assistants: Why you should use one

2020 was a year for big events: Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the release of the iPhone 12, a whole year...

Jossie Talks Webinar #7: Lucy's recommended resources


Video: Jossie Talks Webinar #7 - ''A changing world & your place in it''

Jossie Talks Webinar #7 - 20.05.2020

Jossie Talks Webinar #7: ''A changing world & your place in it''


Video: Lunch & Learn #2 - What is your back-to-the-office plan?

Lunch & Learn #1 - 15.05.2020

How to write a top notch CV

Over two-million people in the UK have already lost their jobs because of COVID-19. During this...

Video snippet: Jossie Talks Webinar #6 - Find your work purpose & land your dream job

Jossie Talks Webinar #6 - 06.05.2020