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Let’s Talk: Mental Health in Private Equity and Alternative Investment


Lizzie's Jossie Scholarship!

It’s Saturday morning on June 1st, it’s 32 degrees in Madrid centre and it’s not just the...

Joss Search in Action: A private equity recruitment case study

How Joss Search helped one private equity firm hire three excellent PAs in only three weeks,...

Why you’ll love working with Joss Search

Joss Search – and Jossies – have a reputation for being extraordinary.

How PAs impact business revenue

How PAs impact business revenue in private equity

Unearthing Private Equity’s Hidden Heroes [with Video]

Three exceptional PAs show what it takes to succeed in the private equity and alternative...

The Four Stages to Finding your Superstar PA

So you’ve found a PA who seems to tick all the boxes – on paper, at least.

Five ways hiring the wrong PA costs your business


We often talk about the benefits of hiring an exceptional PA. But what about the flip side?

What does a Superstar PA look like?

A superstar PA isn’t just nice to have - it’s a business must have! 90 % of executives know they...

Salary Survey 2018 - 5 Macro Trends

Alongside the latest remuneration information, we gained a wealth of interesting insight from...