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The 5* service you get from using Joss Search as a recruitment agency

Whenever you're investing in a recruitment agency for their services, you want to know you're getting that 5* service. It's important that the agency not only understand their clients' needs, but also their mission, vision and values. By doing so, the agency can confidently find the best candidates who will fit the client's ideal criteria.

This is exactly what we strive for and do at Joss Search.

Hopefully you're a client reading this thinking, 'I’ve been needing to fill that support role for a while now, but unsure if that person is actually out there' - well let me tell you, they are!

Why use an agency?

We all wish we had that extra hour in the day, but hiring someone new into your business definitely takes longer than that extra hour. Given the current year we've had, HR departments are now finding themselves juggling even more so, adding top talent recruitment to their list can be a tricky and time consuming.

The benefit of using a recruitment agency is that they work with both employers who are searching for talent, and professionals who are on the hunt for career opportunities. We’re ideally placed to be ‘in the know’ and operate as a crucial go-between for the two parties.

It's also worth mentioning the knowledge recruitment consultants possess when it comes to avoiding hiring a bad candidate. It goes without saying that this is extremely valuable! We know who is looking for work, how capable they are, and what sort of a salary expectations people have.

How do we do this?

We take the hard work off your hands. Our first step is to find out exactly what you’re looking for. We then interview the candidate on your behalf. We conduct a two-stage interview process: firstly, an initial screening call and then if we feel the candidate has the right experience and calibre, we invite them to have a face-to-face (now Zoom) interview with our experienced Consultants. This benefits our clients, as it eliminates unsuitable candidates whilst also, creating shortlists of potential hires.

We’ve got extensive knowledge on interviewing both permanent and temporary candidates  meaning we can help provide short-term interim covers, as well as full-time, invested staff.

Our temporary workers act like ambassadors to both us and the client. They are fully vetted as well as coming with years of experience too. They can adapt straight away, whether it's a one day sick cover, to a three month project-based role. We find not only the right person practically, but also the right fit for your businesses culture.

We offer industry insight!

Another benefit of working with a specialised recruitment agency is that we spend all day, every day, working to provide administrative, staffing solutions for organisations within alternative investment. With over 10 years of industry knowledge, we’ve got significant expertise and jobs market insight, internationally, nationally, and locally. We provide our clients with this knowledge so that they can use it as they plan their recruitment strategy.

We understand employer needs, candidate expectations, and the impacts of supply and demand on the job market as a whole. This means we are ideally situated in the middle to help both the clients and candidates make educated decisions.

Partnering with portfolios

We understand that our clients' portfolio companies are part of their business journey too, and for some who are smaller or just starting out, they also require hiring support.

We've partnered with various portfolio clients in the past, who aren't companies in alternative investment. Despite this, we're still able to recognise and understand their specific hiring needs for top talent! We've made it easier for them to hire the right candidate, allowing them to focus on growth and development for their business.

Working and partnering with a recruitment agency to achieve your hiring needs is a simple solution for the majority of companies. We save you time as well as take the pressure off; having a recruiter working alongside you means that your companies values and standards are vocalised to potential hires. Candidates are filtered to make sure you only meet the crème de la crème. You also get a second opinion, someone who can understand your needs, as well as the candidates, to make sure their voice is also heard during the process.

We're always open to partnering with new clients, so if you feel that you need our help sooner than you thought, do get in touch either via our website or email one of our Consultants directly.