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The most thorough analysis of business support salaries and benefits in the private equity and alternative investments space

At a time of immense change across the industry, we doubled down on our efforts to provide the most thorough analysis of salaries and benefits in the Private Equity and Alternative Investments space. This year, we surveyed hundreds of employers, employees and jobseekers, each of whom revealed new and relevant insights into the current state of salaries, bonuses and benefits.

We’re excited to report that, after a year of doubt and uncertainty, the market is seeing considerable growth and acceleration. Hiring has increased steadily throughout 2021, with employers now reporting that Business Support Staff are the most sought-after talent audience across all new hire groups.

In addition to gathering comprehensive salary data we asked employers and employees questions about the workplace, benefits and bonuses. Below are a few of the takeaways, but for more insight and full salary breakdowns please download our salary survey here.


Additional responsibilities

The role and requirements of business support staff have changed in the past 12 months, with 96% of employers saying support staff have taken on additional responsibilities.

Support staff have adapted and pivoted during times of need, and it's great to see that this behaviour has been rewarded financially with pay rises and bonuses.

graph showing additional responsibilities support staff have taken on

Annual leave

The world is changing and more focus is (rightly!) being placed on wellbeing in the workplace. We're pleased to see that most employers have recognised this shift, by taking into consideration all aspects of employee wellbeing, from mental health to hybrid working to holiday allowance.

graph showing annual leave entitlement

Salary increases

Due to Covid it came as no surprise that only 52% of employers offered staff a pay rise in 2020. What's great to see is that the marketplace has moved on, with 96% of employers likely to offer support staff a pay rise this financial year. Employers have recognised that they must be prepared to meet increased salary demands to attract and retain top talent. It's something we've seen first-hand over the last few months, and it's a trend we expect to continue.

graph showing likelihood of a pay rise


It's good news on the bonus front! There's been a profound shift in tone and intent from employers when it comes to bonuses, with 79% of employers likely to offer support staff a bonus this year. This is much higher than last year and is another sign that the industry is heading in a much more positive and optimistic direction.

graph showing likelihood of a bonus

Want to learn more about average salaries and benefits for business support staff? Download our 21/22 Salary Survey here.