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Get in touch...
  • Whilst temping, you are representing Joss Search, so we rely on you to represent us brilliantly!
  • We want to see 100% commitment from you. We only send one CV for each assignment so if you say yes, we take your word for it! 
  • Be responsive; our best temps are the ones who always communicate with us, constantly updating us on their availability.
  • If you are running late or feeling unwell whilst on an assignment tell us so we can let the client know in good time!
  • Make sure you are always dressed to impress. Our clients are conservative so play it safe.
  • Be pro-active and always ask if there is anything else you can do to help. We always get feedback, so you need to make a good impression.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, never assume!
  • Don’t sit on the internet, don’t be a human voicemail, don’t bug them for a permanent job, don’t sell anything, don’t steal… you get the drift!