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According to the National Career Services, here are the skills a Personal Assistant requires: 

·        excellent organisational and time management skills 

·        good written and spoken communication skills 

·        accuracy and attention to detail 

·        a calm and professional manner 

·        excellent computer and administration skills 

·        a flexible and adaptable approach to work 

·        the ability to use your own initiative 

·        tact and discretion, for dealing with confidential information

These are obviously all important. But to be a top personal assistant who commands the highest salary, especially in competitive markets such as finance, you should think about developing these skills too:

·        Leadership - you’ll have a unique position in the company and likely be seen as a senior person. It’s therefore essential that you take the time to help mentor and develop the wider team, especially the less experienced employees 

·        Empathy - put yourself in your boss’s shoes, understand what he/she’s trying to achieve and the pressures he/she’s under 

·        Proactivity - become your boss’s third arm. Don’t wait to be asked to complete a task, get it done (or at least have a plan of how you will do it) 

·        Problem solving - your boss will be busy, so try to come to him/her with recommendations and solutions rather than problems 

·        Commercial mindset - understand the whole business - from finance and operations through to sales and marketing . You will not only understand how your business makes money but also the pressures and challenges of each function 

Hopefully this gives a few pointers on the attributes needed to become a top personal assistant. 

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