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'Ask The Recruiters - Steps to Success' - Part 1 with Terri Mullan, Adam Campbell, Dan Burke & Helena Bailey

It’s currently harder than ever to find a job. This is especially true for administrative support staff where businesses are trying to get the most out of their current workforce before hiring additional support. Landing a job requires several things to go right, without a single slip up. Sometimes it feels like you’ve done everything right and you still did not receive an offer.

In this webinar, Joss Search staff - Adam Campbell, Dan Burke and Helena Bailey are joined by the IAAP NYC Metro Branch for a two-part series where we broke the job process down into its core steps and listed the top tips to make sure you do everything right on the journey, giving you the highest possible chance of success.

We believe the process of landing a job can be broken down into the following four key areas:

  1. Your brand and image – Resume, LinkedIn profile, recommendations, network and achievements.
  2. Applying for jobs – Where, which, how, when?
  3. Interviewing – Preparation, presentation, technique, follow-ups, process management.
  4. Closing – Negotiating your package, next steps, preparation to start.

On our website we have a range of resources to help you on your journey to securing your dream role. 

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