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Ways in which a VA can step in for your PA


Your PA is like an extra limb when it comes to the running of your administrative day to day. You can't do your job without them and dread the annual leave email request from them. But, have you ever thought about the times when your PA has felt overwhelmed, stressed, burned out? We know they would never say it, but like all humans they can't do everything by themselves - as much as they tell you they can!


It's become even more apparent during this pandemic that remote workers are the big thing to come out of 2020. Individuals may be more reluctant to travel and use public transport and from a business sense, less bodies in the office will help reduce any opportunity of infection. This is why a Virtual Assistant can step up and help assist you and your PA from the safety of their own home. Here are some examples of where they can be beneficial…


Holiday cover

Everyone loves a holiday and everyone needs one too, including your PA. When your PA takes annual leave you won't be left in the lurch. By using a VA you're filling that temporary gap whilst they're gone. Not only is a VA helping you, but they're also helping your PA. They don't have to worry about coming back to 49586903 emails or a diary that's been left and somehow gotten out of control. They can rest easy and take an actual holiday, safely knowing that a VA is covering them.


Extra pair of hands for busy periods

We're all hoping that business can get back to normal soon. And even better if businesses become busier too! But a sudden increase in work may not be easy for even a superhero PA. By hiring a VA they can assist your PA with a newly found to-do list which doesn’t seem to stop growing! They can help tackle those administrative fires, knowing that another team member is on hand to help.


Interim cover in-between hires

You dread the day when a PA decides to move on and sadly leave the company. But, the task of their workload is usually left to other PAs to pick up and carry on with - as well as their own workload - whilst you hire for a new PA. But why not use a VA to do this? They can pick up exactly where the previous PA left off and this means not having to burden another PA with extra work. Everyone's a winner!


Mammoth projects and events

It's very easy to be a yes person and we end up taking on far too much than we can chew. From time to time it's likely your PA will do this, particularly when largescale projects are involved. To help ease their pressure, a VA can be drafted in for a couple of hours a week. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one!


Upskilling and training

It's easy to get complacent in a role and not dedicate time to re-train or upskill yourself on new tools and softwares. But, as technology is always growing and advancing, it's important your PA develops with it too. However, they may not have the free time to research and find the best courses for them. VAs can! A VA is always learning the best new tools to use with their clients. Bring in a VA a couple of times a year to your business to improve your PA’s tech knowledge. This will cut down their time by making them more efficient.


It's vital to acknowledge when your PA, as well as yourself, might need an extra pair of hands to help out. Someone who is quick to adapt, knowledgeable and trustworthy. That someone is a VA.