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What's the one thing you wish you had more of in your work and personal life (I promise this isn’t a riddle)?

The answer is time. We all wish for that extra hour in our day to complete those tasks we haven't been able to make time for.


It's important to not forget that age-old phrase, time is money. And right now, in a struggling economy, the idea of having more time to be able to produce better returns couldn't be more relevant. So who's going to help you add valuable time to the business, which in short increases revenue? A VA can do exactly this.

We recently hosted a webinar with the Founder of the Executive Secretary magazine, Lucy Brazier. Lucy introduced the notion of the value add equation – which puts into perspective the unbeatable value of a VA - Value Add 😊!

Executive salary X how much time a VA saves them = how much a VA adds to the bottom line

Simple right? We thought so too.

When you break it down into what this saved time looks like, it's the tasks you know you're not an expert in or you simply don’t have time for. This is where a VA steps in to fill these gaps. Here are just a few examples of those ever precious time-related tasks your VA can do for you.

Time Management:
Not to sound too much like a broken record… but when was the last time (I promise I'm not doing this on purpose) you were able to stop, think and plan out your time management in the most effective way possible? Properly not for a while, if ever. A VA will get to know you and your schedule quickly. They'll hone in on your priorities and filter out what's unnecessary, allowing you to work more efficiently and manage your time in the best way possible.

1 coin added to the time piggy bank.


Database and spreadsheets:
These two words are enough to make most peoples’ toes curl, but not a VA. They understand that these things take time and attention to detail. Two things they definitely have.

By giving the gift of excel to your VA you know you've given it to someone who 1. can actually use it and 2. will give you precious time back.

Another time coin to the bank.

Editing and proofreading documents:
I think we can all admit that when it comes to proofreading your own work we easily miss that grammar, spelling or formatting mistake. A fresh pair of eyes (and brain) is what you need to make sure these small mistakes aren't published. But, of course there is a theme here, this again takes up much needed time. Which you've probably already lost when you've been doing it yourself this whole time?! Why!

Piggy bank starting to fill up.


Personal admin:
We've all caught ourselves saying a lot of the time - 'I need an Assistant to arrange my life!' – your home life can be just as busy as your working day. And that needs help organising so surely your personal life does too? From arranging childcare to house maintenance. Like everything else, these things creep up on us, take time to plan and figure out a solution. A voila! Let your VA step in and give you back some time you can dedicate to the bigger tasks at hand.

All that time saved? Bet you're glad you had that VA.

It's easy to think you can do all this yourself, but being a realist is best practice. It makes complete sense that if you follow the value add equation, by introducing a VA to save you time, you're ultimately going to increase profit. You're able to focus on the key business needs knowing that side projects, personal tasks or administrative work are being handled, by a trusted person who knows you and your business.