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Joss Search – and Jossies – have a reputation for being extraordinary.

As a humble SME, we punch far, far above our weight. (We chose to be the best, not grow the biggest).

And our clients consistently say they LOVE working with us.

Here are six reasons you will too.

#1 - You’ll fill your roles 50% faster…

When you’re hiring, you need to hire fast. Like, yesterday. Because hiring disrupts business-as-usual. And hiring gaps mean everyone’s less productive because they’re picking up the slack. The longer that continues, the worse for the business.

Joss Search have your back.

In fact, our average time-to-hire is only 30-days. That’s more than 50% faster than the industry average, thank you very much.  

And we can fill temp bookings in only an hour. 68% of our fully-screened temp network are career temps too, so you know they know their stuff.

Why so fast? Because our recruitment processes are tight. We’ve refined them down to a T.

We send you a precise shortlist of exceptional candidates (that’s why 86% are invited for a second stage interview), with comprehensive candidate profiles so you can make faster decisions internally.

And each candidate comes fully-screened, interviewed face-to-face and competency tested. So you can meet them, love them and hire them – fast.


#2 - …and hires will stay with you for longer  

Hiring fast is a false economy unless you get it right the first time. Otherwise you waste time and money bringing someone not-quite-right up to scratch, or worse, going back to the drawing board altogether.

Jossies hire fast and hire right.

That’s why 97% of PAs and support staff we place pass their probation period. And 78% stay for two years or more.

Many stay much, much longer. And progress upwards through the business, taking on diverse roles like Head of HR and IR, Global Head of Legal and Fund Director. 


#3 - You don’t get our network anywhere else

Here’s the thing. When you work with Joss Search, it’s not just about taking recruitment off your plate. Sure – saving time and effort is a huge benefit of working with us, but it’s more than that.

It’s about accessing our huge, exclusive network. 92% of temps work exclusively with us, you see. And many full-timers too. That’s why we successfully place two in three roles and fill 97% of temp bookings.

That’s because we go the extra mile for our PA network. We’re vocal advocates for the hidden heroes behind the private equity scenes.

Which means those hidden heroes trust us to represent them exclusively to businesses like yours. So you simply won’t find them yourself. And no other agency will either.


#4 – You get true partners who know your business inside-out

Before we were recruiters, many of us were PAs ourselves.

Which means you get recruiters who genuinely understand what an exceptional PA looks like. You get recruiters who look critically at your business and assess what you really need. (Even if what you really need means not hiring).  

Which is to say, you get a partner.

We genuinely understand the nuance of your business, to find you someone who’ll move the needle. (And we help you write your job advert, design your interview process and persuade the executive team too. That’s why we call it 360-recruitment).  


#5– You get complete coverage

We’re specialist recruiter for PAs, administrative roles and support staff in private equity, which means we’re complete experts in this space.

Whether you need someone permanent, a contractor or a temp, we’ve got you.

Working with Joss Search means you can trust you’ve got full coverage for any admin and support needs in your business. Whenever, whatever, however urgently.  

So you never have to stress if someone leaves last-minute, or when workload gets too much.


#6– You’ll have fun working with us

That’s the Joss Search philosophy. Just like the hidden heroes we work with, we know the importance of a sense of fun.

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It might seem fluffy compared to time-to-hire statistics, but personality matters. You’ve got enough on your plate without us being a burden.

You want recruiters who achieve fantastic results – sure. And we will. But you also want people you love working with.


That’s the Joss Search Difference. Start your journey with us today and let’s have a chat. We’d love to get to know you.

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